The Artifx Cafe Story

Breaking Barriers

My years of leading students on overseas projects led me to the mountains of Costa Rica and Colombia, where I started to really understand the challenges facing coffee farmers and their communities. It was painful to hear the stories of these farmers and their families struggling to get by, while other companies made massive profits selling the same coffee the farmers worked so hard to produce. While researching business models to help these small producers climb out of poverty, I began to understand that there are a handful of barriers to be overcome in achieving this goal. Artifx Cafe was launched to break through these barriers.

Artisanal Farmworx

At Artifx Cafe, we’re building global community through the power of “Artisanal Farmworx”: small-scale, high-quality farm products, intimately connected with people and place. We believe that Artisanal Farmworx are artifacts of a community, as much as art, music and other cultural expressions. We also believe that the better we understand the people and places that produce our food, the stronger our bonds across the earth will be.

Artifx Origin Communities

Our business model delivers real income to small farmers and real impact to their communities, through intimate experiences built around coffee, art and life stories. We designate these communities as Artifx Origin Communities, selected based on quality of product and depth of community relationship. In addition to our direct coffee purchases, we support these people and places by investing profits into local development projects in our Artifx Origin Communities.

Sustaining Local Communities

Artifx Origin Coffees are the centerpiece of our business. These single-origin, direct-trade coffees are produced by small farmers with a deep commitment to sustaining their local communities. Each Artifx Origin Coffee features artwork from a local artist on the packaging. Our very first Artifx Origin Community was Monteverde, Costa Rica.

Mission & Vision

Our Mission – To support “Farmworx Artisans” and their communities, by connecting consumers to those communities through farm products, art and life stories.

Our Vision – To be known and respected for delivering real income to farmers and real impact to their communities, through high-value, high-quality product experiences.

Partner with us!

As we build community and help small farmers thrive!